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Fine tuning problem and inflation mechanismPair creation of negative mass and positive mass seems to provide the proper explanation of homogeneity, local non-homogeneity, and flatness of our universe without separate assumption with basic characteristics of Newton dynamics.With reference to the flatness of universe, the calculation of cosmic critical density with previous positive mass leads to the problem that present density should be close to critical density, the cosmic density at the beginning should be close to critical density, and initial condition should be set delicately.However, according to the hypothesis of negative mass, potential energy of universe is not single potential when there is only positive mass(potential that has both + and -), and the density of universe close to critical density was from basic mechanism of pair creation, namely 1:1 correspondence of negative mass to positive mass, and form of potential energy.5-2) Inflation mechanism- Inflation start -If we consider that inflation started at the point of time that there were large-scale pair creations of negative mass and positive mass after Big Bang, not at the point of time that the gravity was separated, the number of positive mass and negative mass might be born together at this time, so here also the term of positive potential energy by equation (72)(nU_+(if pair creations are , survives), and this can provide the start power of inflation. — Inflation finish -If positive mass is converted to radiant energy(pair annihilation of matter and antimatter, radiation) or energy when strong interaction(Some mass changed to the bond energy.

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